Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

February 8, 2011

Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

I know a lot about Mascara for Sensitive Eyes.  My story is very personal.I used to use regular mascara.  While a lot of my friends are find with using regular Mascara, there are also a lot of us that need to avoid many of the chemicals in the over-the-counter mascara.  

Mascara for Sensitive EyesA few years ago I started having problems with my eyes.  They were always red and itchy.  They tended to water quite bit.  I thought it was a medical condition so on one of my regular check-ups, I had the doctor check it out.  Fortunately for me, on that particular day I had wore my mascara to the doctors office.  He asked me what brand of mascara that I used.  He suggested that I change brands and in particular I make sure I am try using Hypo-alergenic mascara.  He said that if that doesn’t work, try out the Organic Mascara that is on the market.

Organic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

The idea of organic mascara interested me the most.  I had been thinking of making my life more organic anyway and this would be a good start.  I did a lot of research.  I knew that these organics would be mascara for sensative eyes and would help but what was in them?  It turns out that the term organic is somewhat subjective.  There are some FDA guidelines but I have found that a well informed consumer is a good consumer.

The most important thing you can do when buying mascara for sensitive eyes is to check the ingredients.  Get familiar with the ingredients and look them up.  I have written a list of mascara blacklist ingredients on my site that can be referenced when unsure.  

The most basic of ingredients that should not be in an organic mascara is any man-made chemicals.  Most of the time you can tell if an ingredient is a pure chemical from the sound but do an Internet search if unsure.  I like to buy mascara online for the simple reason that I can take the time to study the ingredients instead of writing them down at the store and then researching them later.  It is obvious to say but it really is the ingredients that make or brake the mascara for sensitive eyes.  By that I mean, it doesn't matter what the marketing material tells you, its what the ingredients tell you that is important. 

Ingredients in Organic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

One important consideration is to make sure that you also consider the organic ingredients.  Not everything that goes into the product may be good mascara for sensitive eyes.  There are natural plants and minerals that can cause allergic reactions to your skin.  Many of these you won’t know until you try out the organic mascara but in my basic research, I have found that the likelihood of that happening is significantly less than what you may find in the chemical world of mascara.

I have found that even the waterproof mascara is easier to remove when bought in the organic form.  The volumizing mascara also seem to have the same positive effects.  The longevity may be slightly less but with the mascara for sensitive eyes that I have used, I can get through a full day without problems.  

The Negative of Organic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

The one thing that tends to be a negative with Organic mascara for sensitive eyes is the cost.  You can easily buy over-the-counter chemical mascaras for less than ten dollars.  I pay about eighteen dollars for the organic mascara that I use.  One thing I tell people when they ask me why I pay the extra money for Organics is to have them look at the chemicals in their current mascara and tell me if they feel comfortable putting those ingredients on their skin.  Do they really know what long term effects those chemicals have to your skin or maybe even more importantly, their eyes.  To me the extra money is worth it to get mascara for sensitive eyes.


  • AussieGrrl May 8, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    So, what masacara brand do you use excatly? By the way, there is a cheap one I bought on ebay called Physcian’s Formula Jumbo Effect. I haven’t got it yet, but just throwing that out there since the only downside that you mention is the cost. My eyes are sensitive to usual mascara’s also.

  • Soph October 7, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Just came across your website. It’s so nice to find some info on ‘natural’ mascaras. Which waterproof mascara(s) do you use? Have you found a good waterproof eye makeup remover? I’m on the hunt for both. I’d appreciate your advice.

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