Organic Mascara – Natural Skin Products for Your Eyes

October 7, 2010

I remember several years ago when organic food was all the rage.  People were concerned with what was going into their bodies but they were less concerned about what was being put on their bodies. All that has changed as consumers have found a need to make sure that they are adding safe things to their skin.  In a way, some of that thinking is going back in time as organic mascara has been around since people in tribal communities started adorning their eyes. One thing that is important to note is that there really is not a lot of government oversight for what constitutes "organic".  The United States Department of Agriculture does have a USDA Organic seal but it is reserved for food.  The seal does not really apply to natural skin products. The most important concept of organic mascara is that it is chemical free.  The mascara must be manufactured using natural products.  The most common of those are plants.  There is also a line of mascara made of minerals.  Mineral eyeshadow sounds ominous but in effect the minerals are ground to almost a silky consistency. It's also common to hear about green mascara.  Green mascara usually has nothing to do with the color.  It is both natural and utilizes as few resources as possible in the manufacture of the skin product.  Once again, there is little government oversight into what constitutes "green" or "organic" mascara. Since there is no government oversight, does that mean there is no hope of getting mascara that is truly natural and organic?  It is possible with a little due diligence.  Manufacturers that create natural skin products will post all their ingredients for the consumer to see.  Given the ingredients and some research, a consumer can determine whether or not the mascara is organic or not. Fortunately there are several well known manufacturers that have good reputations.  I will share those manufacturers and their retail outlets in my next post.  The list is quite long but there are a couple in particular that I like because of the quality and customer service.


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